Concepts And Approaches – Lecture Two

The Linguistic Turn: Photoconceptualism and Thinking Photography In this lecture, we started talking about three things, The avante-garde, Photo conceptualism, The Linguistic Turn. The Avante-Garde, is a movement in the arts that breaks… Continue reading

Imagine Hillfields – Jason Tilley

So today I had the opportunity to be involved in a talk on Jason Tilleys and his work on Hillfields, named: Imagine Hillfields. Whenever we have a discussion with Jason, I always get… Continue reading

Professional Experience – Exhibition

Another part of the module: professional experience, is to hold an exhibition that will be on the 25th February. When I was told this, it was very daunting, as I have not done… Continue reading

Community Culture & Identity: Social Media Introductions

This class is run as an open and online class. Some of the sessions will involve collaborative work, some with students in Bucharest. This task is to upload an image of yourself, with… Continue reading

Community Culture & Identity – Lighting Task

We got put into groups of four people to try and recreate images which my module leader have given us. I did something like this before briefly in my first year, but it… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches – Lecture 1

As second year has begun, it was hard not to notice how much work and the many more lectures I will have this year compared to last year. As part of the Concepts… Continue reading

Beginning Second Year

So having a long and over due summer, its back to work and learning. I moved into my university home for my second year, and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t the easiest… Continue reading

Instagram Accounts That Shouldn’t Go To Miss

So, we all know what Instagram is? If not then where have you been hiding?! I’m proud to say that I am a big fan of Instagram. Although it’s a social networking site,… Continue reading

201MC Professional Experience – Initial Thoughts

I’m not going to lie and say I was completely confident in getting this module. Coming back to uni after a what seemed like a very long summer was a struggle. Especially when… Continue reading

Summer Task – Professional Experience

A task that was set over the summer was produce a 1-2 minute interview with a person who we admire, and get to know what has their biggest failure been throughout they’re working… Continue reading