Negotiating Access

Over the summer, we were given a task which I was most afraid of. This is something I am not very confident with, and that is taking pictures of people, and those people,… Continue reading

Rineke Dijkstra: Exhibition review

When going about my summer, I love going into London to see what makes Britian British. While doing so, I always find myself going into the Tate Modern Museum. Being a photographer, its… Continue reading

Why I hate The Word ‘Skinney’

I never thought I’d have to write a blog post on this topic but it feels like it’s coming to point where it’s becoming more and more common in most peoples lives. I… Continue reading

Post Digital Publishing Submission

Project 1  My Life In a Silent World This project started during the first year of University as I submitted it in Working With Life (152MC). The aim of this work was to… Continue reading

152MC – References

Referencing ABC Open Tropical North. (2014). The blind photographer. Available: Last accessed 7th May 2015. Adams, R. (2015). Portfolios. Available: Last accessed 19th Apr 2015. afterthetone. (2007). 41 Years in 60… Continue reading

152MC – Evaluation

I’ve learnt from the last two projects, that I needed to direct this module into an idea which I am most passionate about. Something that will motivate me, then in turn will allow… Continue reading

152MC – Final Book

So I am proud to announce that my book has been finally made! After a lot of research, binding difficulties and endless of late nights, I have finished this module. I am very… Continue reading

152MC – Time Management

This module started and ending in a shorter amount of time compared to the other modules I have taken. Therefore I needed to set myself a timetable to help me manage my time.… Continue reading

152MC – Audience Knowledge

Audience knowledge is very important when making your own book. Audience knowledge was something I struggled with when thinking about what sort of images I wanted in my book. When in my group… Continue reading

152MC – Sequencing My Images

Now that I have printed the pictures which will be in my final book, I need to think about the order. From my sequencing lecture I had a while ago, I thought this… Continue reading