152MC – Thoughts on Binding Options

My deadline is coming up fast so I need to figure out what sort of binding technique I am going to be using for my book. I have already got experience using coptic… Continue reading

152MC – Developing Books

For this project, we have to produce a book for a final narrative piece. Therefore, I need to think about the different ways of binding that I can use to hold my book… Continue reading

152MC – Collecting Images/Archive

In a previous blog post, I wanted to collect images from Alison’s childhood. As I wanted to bring more personal images to the pictures. I want to start my book at the beginning… Continue reading

152MC – Pictures Of Goldings Church

For my book I want to include images of the church where Alison practices with the choir. So I need to collect images that will represent the community. I found it difficult to… Continue reading

152MC – Google Maps Shoot

Here are a few of the images that I took on google maps of Goldings Church, the church in which Alison’s attends for the deaf community. This isn’t something that I want to… Continue reading

152MC – Vincent Portraits

152MC – Alison Portraits

For this module we have to include portraits. Portraits are not my strong point as I am more of a landscape photographer, however from doing this shoot, it brought a new horizon for… Continue reading

152MC – What Is A Portrait

As we have to do portraits for this module, I want to get a true understanding of what a portrait is, before I start shooting one. The main thing about taking a portrait… Continue reading

152MC – Questionnaire Reply

A while ago I got Alison to fill in a questionnaire, as I thought that I didn’t have enough information from her story about her life. In this post I’ve included the questions… Continue reading

152MC – Heavenly Hands Choir

My book is coming together very smoothly, however theres something not quite right about it. I want my book to be a documentary of Alison’s life and what she does with the deaf… Continue reading