152MC – Collecting Images

My project is going at a steady pace but I need to bring more images towards my final piece. As my narrative is Alison’s life, I should start from the beginning. From her… Continue reading

152MC – Thoughts on my Project so far

So far I feel like my project is going quite slow. As my deadline is coming up I need to get a timetable to help me manage my time. I need to bring… Continue reading

154MC – Lecture Notes

During lectures throughout this term, I’ve jotted down some points to think about during my project. Deadline —— 26th May Working with LIFE?LIGHT Themes: The Punctum of life — Identifing Nashville Narratives —… Continue reading

154MC – What is a Landscape

For this module, it is required to take landscapes images. My initial thoughts were the typical landscape pictures such as hills or mountains. But I know that a landscape is much broader than… Continue reading

152MC – Who Are You? by Greyson Perry

When talking in my group tutorial to Matt and some peers, Matt mentioned that it would be a good idea for me look watch Who Are You? by Greyson Perry. Greyson Perry is… Continue reading

152MC – Trees From Germany by John Duncan

At the beginning of this year my lecturer was cleaning out his bookshelf and gave out some unwanted photo books that he had no longer use of. I look through them all but… Continue reading

152MC – Looking Back On The Set Brief

I always like reminding myself what the assignment is asking me to do. The reason being is sometimes I can get sidetracked and my mind can take me in the wrong direction and… Continue reading

152MC – Controlling Light

Before this module, I never really used the studio for my projects, as i’ve never had the opportunity/confidence to. I’m not very confident setting up the equipment in the studio by myself. Normally,… Continue reading

152MC – Tutorial Notes

Having one to one talks with my lecturer and having group tutorials which included the thoughts which my peers have on my project. I jotted down a few notes which they told me… Continue reading

152MC – Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries photographs are mainly presented through portraits. The body of work that has inspired me was his series of the homeless. Jeffries is one of my top favourite artists and he’s inspired me… Continue reading