154MC – Questionnaire

I thought about including text into my book for my final piece. However, from the story entries that people have given me, I don’t feel as if I have enough good quotes that… Continue reading

152MC – Voice of Alison

Looking back on my blog post named ‘Voice of Vincent’ I thought it was only fair to do the same with my Mother. It was clear that from what Vincent voice was like,… Continue reading

152MC – Voice of Vincent

Doing research with the education system surrounding the deaf community, I wanted to demonstrate how important schooling is for the deaf. Therefore I took recordings of my Father speaking, and I will compare… Continue reading

152MC – Hearing Aid Shoot

I asked my Mother to give me things that helped her with her disability. The obvious accessory that everyone thinks about when thinking about the deaf is a hearing aid. Hearing aids come… Continue reading

152MC – Thoughts on Photobook Making

On Friday Matt and Emma showed the class how and what books we could make and present. I need to think about what stye of books will be appropriate for my project and… Continue reading


My deadline for the module is getting closer and closer. Therefore I need to think about what style I want my book to be. Ed Ruscha created and accordion style book for his… Continue reading

152MC – Jack Bradley

This photograph was taken by Jack Bradley and it is of a boy namedĀ Harold Whittles. The photo shows Harold hearing something for the first time ever after a doctor places an earpiece in… Continue reading

152MC – Experimenting with Lighting in the Studio

For this Module we have to include a set of images that are interiors, still life, portraits and landscapes. As my parents live three hours away from my university, and I didn’t have… Continue reading

152MC – Big D and Small d d/Deaf

Something that was mentioned in my Mums story and the comments from the YouTube video that I blogged previously about, was ‘The Big D’ I was very confused as to what this meant… Continue reading

152MC – Review of My Life in a Silent World

Once I read what my Mother wrote as her story to her life. I was shocked to see what her life really was like when she was younger. The story begins with ‘My… Continue reading