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Phonar: Making Workshop Tasks

This module is already at a close and it’s been so fun, I don’t want it to end. Lucas Foglia: ‘Make it seem’ For this task we were given instructions for four images… Continue reading

What Do You Think?

So, everyone has a Facebook? We all scroll down our timeline, peeping at the unnecessary posts from your friends cousins, sisters, ex boyfriends pet fishes mothers owner. Obviously not in a literal sense but… Continue reading


All Is Full of Love: Photography and Gender SLIDE NOTES: Gender Sexuality Race Representation Feminism Post-feminism Difference Cyborg Gender:  Gender is a social construct. It is a word that describes the “role” one… Continue reading


From Truth to Interpretation: Political and Experimental Documentary Practice SLIDE NOTES: Truth Interpretation The Political and the Aesthetic There is no truth to an image, only an interpretation, based on subjectivity. Interpretation relies… Continue reading

Concepts And Approaches – Lecture Three

The Pictures Generation: Representation, Appropriation, Postmodernism. SLIDE NOTES: Representation Appropriation Modernism Non-linear History Postmodernism The Pictures Generation Representation:   Representation is the construction of an image through a desire to see something that… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches – Essay Notes

For this part of the module, I have to write a 3000 word essay. This can be about anything what we want, but the lectures that Daniel gives us, should guide us in… Continue reading

Community, Culture & Indentity – Places I Like In Coventry Video

We were set another little task as part of our online community the students in Romania. It was to produce a one minute video containing what we like about the city that we… Continue reading